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Zakren is a full-service developer of strategy games. From conception to customer service, we take pride in making the game the best it can be for you.

We hope that you will take a moment to get acquainted with us, thank you.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Zakren is...

  • to provide high quality gaming software at a reasonable price.

The Mission is accomplished by...

  • eliminating software packaging, shipping, and third party retailing, by making each product available on-line, and
  • reinvesting resources in research, planning, and design.
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About Zakren

Zakren strives to develop the finest games on earth.

Zakren plans the finest games on earth. A very small fraction of our game concepts make it past the planning stage. Careful research into the subject and development of the plot are crucial. If there is not a true passion for the subject, the game never makes it past the planning stage.

Zakren writes the finest games on earth. After creation of the master plan, game components are developed by specialists, each working to create an individual work of art, conforming to the master plan. Graphics and animation, music sounds and scores, interface, and intellectual determinism are brought together to form a great masterpiece.

Zakren programs the finest games on earth. Combining the latest commercially available development technology with a wide range of custom tools keeps Zakren at the front of the industry. A dedicated staff presses for excellence. The result is a line of robust, challenging games.

Zakren sells the finest games on earth. Our games are distributed as free evaluation versions. When a customer makes a purchase, they have already evaluated the high quality product.

For the ultimate gaming experience, purchase a Zakren product today.

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Opportunities for You

In a constant effort to improve our growing product line, Zakren is always seeking new staff members to make this possible. Ideal candidates will have several years of equivalent industry experience. We are taking team members in the following areas:

    • Conceptual Planner
      • Fomulating game concepts, receiving project approval from management, and developing a comprehensive master plan for the project.
    • Research Technician
      • Developing specific details of the master plan, coordinating with the project planner, creating sketches, music samples, and details necessary to develop relevant media.
    • Battle Plan Director
      • Creating a comprehensive battle plan for game mechanics.
    • Graphical Artist
      • Designing and drawing animation and cinematics which area based on a comprehensive master plan, sketches, and details.
    • Composer
      • Scoring music to suit a particular theme and environment.
    • Audio Sampler
      • Creating and recording a variety of sound and vocal effects.
    • Game Programmer
      • Creating a working game engine, including game mechanics, networking, and interface, and incorporating audio and graphical media.
    • Web Developer
      • Enhancing the appeal of the on-line store, designing / locating advertising space, and updating subscribers.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with Zakren, please send a resume, along with a one page cover letter, to the following address:

  • Zakren, Incorporated
    Attn: Human Resources Division
    5614 West Brentwood Drive
    Joplin, MO 64801

The ideal candidate will have a four year degree in a related field with a minimum of two years of equivalent industry experience.

Check back frequently as new listings may appear on this page.

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Zakren Web Development Division.
Copyright 2006 Zakren, Incorporated.
All rights reserved.
Revised: April 23, 2006.